Jesus the Messiah -the Ullans Version .

  1. Mattha 1: 18-25
  2. The Birth o Jesus the Messiah
  3. An this is hoo the birth o Jesus the Messiah cum aboot: His mither Mary wus promist tae Joseph, but afore the’ cum thegither, she fun oot she wus wi a wean bi the Halie Spirit. Noo Joseph hir husband wus a dacent man, an he didnae want hir tae be affrontit afore the community, he haed in min tae divorce hir on the quait. But efter he haed thocht aboot aa this, an angel o the Laird appeart tae him in a draim an saed, “Joseph, ma man, sinn o Davit, dinnae be feart tae tak Mary hame fur yer wife, fur the wean she’s carryin is o the Halie Spirit. She wull hae a sinn, an ye ir tae gie him the name Jesus, fur he wull save his ain fowk frae thair wrangdaeins”.Noo aa this wus daen tae bring aboot whut the Laird haed saed thru the proaphit: A virgin wull carrie a wean, a sinn, an whan he is boarn, he’ll be caad Immanuel – meanin “God is wi iz”. Whaniver Joseph waakent up, he daen whut the angel o the Laird haed toul him tae dae, an he tuk Mary hame fur tae be his wife. But he didnae sleep wi hir til efter the wean wus boarn. An he caad him bi the name Jesus.
  4. Mattha 5: 13-16.Youse yins ir the Saut o the Yirth. But gin the saut gaes saurless, hoo can it git bak its tang? It is nae lang’r o onie use, but fur tae be throwed ootby, fur fowk tae thramp unner fit.Youse yins ir the Licht o the Warld. A toun biggit on a hill-tap cannae be hid. An agane forbye, whan fowk licht a lamp, they dinnae pit it unner a boul, but set it up on its stan, an syne it gies licht fur aabodie in the hoose. In the same wye, see at yer licht shines afore iveriebodie, sae at the’ wull see yer guid deeds an ruise yer Faither in heiven.
  5. Luik 4: 16 – 18
  6. The Manifesto o the Messiah.
  7. An he cum tae Nazareth, whar he haed bin raired, an on the Sabbath Day he went intae the synagogue, as wus his custom. An he stud up fur tae read. The screed o the proaphet Isaiah wus gien tae him..Whan he haed unrollit it, he fun the place whur it is writ:”The Spirit o the Laird is cum ower me,
    fur he haes anointit me
    tae tell oot Guid News tae the puir.
    He haes sent me tae
    free thaim that’s in prison
    an tae gie sicht  tae the blin,
    tae release the oppressit
    tae proclaim the acceptible yeir o the Laird”
  8. Whan Jesus haed rowlt up the screed, he gien it bak tae the attendint, an he sut doon.. An naebodie ben the synagogue cud tak their een aff him, An he stairtit aff bi tellin thaim,” Theday this scripture is fulfillit in yer hearin”.
  9. Luke 6:  17-26 

    An he cum doon frae the moontin wi thaim an stud on the flet apen grun, an aa his follaers an a hale crood o fowks oot o Judea, an Jerusalem, an frae alang the shores o Tyre an Sidon, cum tae hear him an be cured o thair ailments. An thae yins vext sair wi ill spirits wus aa cured. An the hale crood o fowks wantit tae touch him acause a pooer o guid wus cumin oot o him an curin thaim aa. An he cast his een on his follaers, an sayed,

    Blissit be the puir, for yers is the kingdom o God

    Blissit ir youse that hung’r noo, for ye wull get yer fill,

    Blissit ir youse that’s greetin noo: for ye wull lach.

    Blissit ir youse whan fowk hate ye, or gie ye the coul shoother, an ball yis oot or blekin yer name on the Sinn o Man’s accoont.

    Be richt gled on that day an leap for joy:for ye hae a pooerfu reward in haiven; for thair faithers daen the same tae the proaphits.

    But sorra on youse weel-aff fowk! for ye hae got aa ye ir gettin.

    Sorra on youse that’s fu noo. for yis wull be hung’rie.

    Sorra on youse that ir lachin, for yis wull be greetin an sorrafu.

    Sorra on yis when aa fowk spakes weel o ye, for thair faithers daen the same wi the fause proaphits

  10. Luik 6: 37- 45
    Dinnae judge an yis’ll no be judged: dinnae condemn, an yis’ll no be condemnit: forgie an yis’ll be forgien: Gie an yis’ll be gien tae; guid misure, preesed doon, an shakin thegither an skailin ower, wull menfowk gie intae yer bosom. For wi the same misure that ye mete wiaa it wull be misured tae ye agane.

    An he spauk a parable tae thaim,

    Can the blin lead the blin? wull the’ no baith faa intae the sheuch? The follaer is no abain the maister, but whaniver he is weel lairnt, he wull be jist like the maister. An why dae ye see the skelf in yer brither’s ee, but dinnae see the plank in yer ain ee? Hoo can ye say tae yer brither,” Brither, let me pu the skelf oot o yer ee” whan ye yersel cannae see the plank in yer ain ee? Ye hippocrit, furst pu the plank oot o yer ain ee an then ye’ll be able tae see clearly tae pu oot the skelf that is in yer brither’s ee.

    Fur a guid tree disnae gie rotten fruit, nor daes a rotten tree gie guid fruit. Ye ken iverie tree bi its ain fruit.Ye dinnae pick figs frae a thoarn bush. A guid man oot o the guidness o his hairt brings oot guid, an an evil man oot o the evil o his hairt brings oot evil. Fur whutiver his hairt is fu o, that’s what cums oot o his mooth.

    Luik 11 v 14-25

    Yinst, he wus castin oot a divil, an it wus dum. An it cum tae pass, whan the divil haed left him an the man startit tae taak, the fowk wur dumfoonert. But sum o thaim sayed, He casts oot divils throu the pooer o Beelzebub, the heidyin o the divils. But ithers tempted him bi axin him for a sign frae haiven,But he, kenin whut wus in thair mines, sayed,

    Iverie kingdom divid agin itsel wull gae tae reck an ruin, an a hoose divid agin itsel wull faa doon. Sae if Satan is divid agin hissel, hoo shall his kingdom stan? fur ye say that A cast oot divils throu Beelzebub. An if bi Beelzebub A cast oot divils, bi whom dae yer ain fowk cast thaim oot? sae they wull be yer judges. But if A, wi the fing’r o God, cast oot divils, nae doot the kingdom o God is here amang ye. Whaniver a strang man, wha’s well-airmed, gairds his palace, his belangins is safe: But whaniver a man stranger than he attacks him an gets the better o him, he taks frae him aa the armour he lippens on, an the belangins is aa divid oot. Him that’s no fir me is agin me an him that is no getherin wi me is scatterin. Whan the ill spirit is gang oot o a man, he daunders throu the desert lukin fir rest; an findin nane, he says,”A’ll gae bak tae ma hoose whar A was leevin afore.” An whan he gaes bak, he fins it swep and clain.

  11. Jhone 1: 1-5
  12. In the beginnin wus the Wurd, an the Wurd wus wi God, an the Wurd wus God. He wus alang wi God in the beginnin.Thru him aa things wur made; wioot him naethin ava wus made that wus iver made. In him wus life, an this life wus the Licht o aa fowk. The Licht shines in the dairkness, but the dairkness haes unnerstood it naw.
  13. Jhone 3: 16 &17
  14. Fur God sae luvit the Warld, that he sent his onlie begottin Sinn, that whosaeiver believit in Him , shudnae perish but hae everlastin life…..Fur God didnae send His Sinn intae the Warld tae condemn the Warld , but that thru Him the Warld micht be savit….
  15. Jhone 8: 31&32 .
  16. Sae He sayed tae the Jews who haed heeded Him, “If ye conteenye in My word, ye are richtly My follaers. Then ye will ken the truth, an the truth wull set ye free.”


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