Grand Unionist Centenary Committee

Grand Unionist Centenary Committee

28th November 2009

Chair Dr Ian Adamson OBE

Representatives in attendance from;

Jim Brownlee ABOD

Christopher Stalford DUP

Keith Harbinson TUV

Brian Lacey PUP

Dawson Baillie GOLI

Stephen Gough (Secretary) 36th Ulster Division Memorial Association

Apologies – David Campbell UUP

The meeting was advised that the minutes from the previous meeting were not available as David Campbell was at Hillsborough.

The paper produced by the 36th Ulster Division was discussed and the dates contained accepted as the main (but not exclusive) centenary events we should commemorate.  They are;

  1. April 2012                    – Balmoral Review
  2. 28th September 2012    – Ulster Day
  3. January 2013                – the formation of the Ulster Volunteer Force
  4. 24th April 2014             – the gunrunning by Major Fredrick Crawford
  5. 1st July 2016                 – 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme 

Balmoral Review

It was agreed that the Balmoral Review should take place over the original route, contain people in period costume, possibly floats, be inclusive and a religious service and other events could take place at Balmoral.  The GLOI were to take this away and have a discussion and bring forward plans.  The parade would take place on the nearest Saturday.

Ulster Day

It was agreed that Christopher Stalford would book the Ulster hall for the 25/26/27/28th September 2012.  Note these are proposed dates only.  On those evenings we would have evenings celebrating our culture of the period?  On the Saturday the 29th September events would be held at the City Hall including a re-enactment of the signing and an exhibition.  These events do not preclude local events which will be encouraged.

Formation of the Ulster Volunteer Force

The 36th Ulster Division Memorial Association were tasked with coming up with proposals on this event

The remaining 2 events were not discussed.


It was agreed that we would invite John Kennedy from the Government of Ireland to discuss possible funding.  Nelson McCausland as the DCAL Minister would also be approached and asked to come to a meeting.

Committee Membership

It was agreed that the Ulster Bands Association, 36th Ulster Division Bands Association, Womens Orange and Independent Orange would be invited to the next meeting.

Council Developments

The General Purposes Committee of Belfast City Council are to receive a report shortly on how BCC will mark the Titanic and Ulster Day. Once this is finalised then it is hoped that other Councils will follow suit.


It was agreed that the offices of the UUP would be used as a contact address;

Grand Unionist Centenary Committee,

174 Albertbridge Road, Belfast


Next meeting – 25th February 2010 at 7.15

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