Grand Unionist Centenary Committee

Grand Unionist Centenary Committee

25th August 2010

Present –Ian Adamson(Chair) Stephen Gough/David Hagan/Samuel Morrison for Keith Harbinson/David Stitt/Ron Stitt/Frankie Gallagher/Carol Walker/Dawson Baillie

Apologies – Keith Harbinson/Christopher Stalford/David Campbell/ABOD/DUP/UUP/PUP

Chair welcomed all including those who were here for the first time.

Chair referred to the documents prepared by Stephen Gough.  Samuel Morrison commended the papers.

Those in attendance noted the absence of the two main Unionist parties and expressed their disappointment that no-one was in attendance from either party – again.

The following actions were decided;

  1. We would launch our plans on the 22nd October 2010 at Craigavon House.  The 22nd is the 75th anniversary of Lord Carson’s death.  Before the launch the Committee would got to St Annes Cathedral and lay a wreath at his tomb.
  2. The launch would be carried out by Jim Molyneaux and Rev Ian Paisley.  The Chair will ask if they will do so.  If they do it was decided that both would be made patrons of the Centenary Committee.
  3. That the UUP and DUP would be approached to fund the launch.  The Chair will ask if they will do so.
  4. A sub group was established consisting of Carol Walker, Stephen Gough and David Stitt.  They will view the facilities and decide how best to take this idea forward.
  5. It was agreed that all the political representatives from eastBelfastand parts of Castlereagh Council would be invited.  Sinn Fein would not receive a formal invite but if a member decided to personally invite Tom Hartley then so be it.  The TUV wanted it recorded that they opposed any Sinn Fein representation on the day.
  6. The Chair to approach the Council and see if the actual Covenant table can be borrowed for the launch.
  7. The Ulster Defence Union 1893 representatives stated that they would fund the launch of a website for the centenary events.
  8. The Ulster Defence Union 1893 representatives stated that they would fund a “bus run” for Committee Members aroundNorthern Irelandand perhaps the Republic visiting important historical sites.
  9. That we would meet our own government in relation to funding before approachingDublin.
  10. For future meetings we would encourage stakeholders to send two representatives to each meeting.
  11. Future meetings are to be held in the Connor Room.


Next meeting; 30th September 2010 – Connor Room @ 7.15.


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