Letter to Lord Molyneaux

7th September, 2010 

Lord Molyneaux of Killead 

Dear Lord Molyneaux, 

For the past year we have been establishing a Grand Unionist Centenary Committee, bringing together representatives of the greater Unionist Community to organise a series of events celebrating the Centenary of important dates leading up the foundation ofNorthern Ireland.  The Committee believes that these anniversaries should be commemorated by everyone within the Unionist Community. 

The Membership of the Committee consists of representatives from the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, the Apprentice Boys of Derry, the Somme Association, the 36th Ulster Division Association, the 36th Ulster Division Bands Association, the Ulster Unionist Party, the Democratic Unionist Party, the Progressive Unionist Party and the Traditional Unionist Voice. The Royal Black Preceptory and Independent Orange Order have also been asked to join. Representatives of additional organisations will be invited to join following a majority vote of Committee Members present at our meetings.

 We hope to launch our Committee at Craigavon House, the former home of Lord Craigavon, the First Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. We would like to hold a special wreath-laying Ceremony at the burial place of Sir Edward Carson in St. Anne’s Cathedral and would be highly honoured if you could become a Patron of our organisation, along with Lord Bannside, and lay the wreath for us on a date suitable to you both. 

Every good wish,

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Ian Adamson O.B.E.


 Grand Unionist Centenary Committee





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