Bangor, Light of the World: Summary

In November 1911 I began a series of posts named Bangor, Light of the World , a series with I  have concluded earlier this week with its 17th part. . It began with a Christian legend that the centurion who attended the crucifixion of Jesus was an Irishman and Ulsterman in the service of Rome. From there I moved on to consider the laus perennis, or continual praise, beginning with Jewish religious practice and Jewish history. I  discussed Eastern Christianity before moving on to Ireland and, in particular, the early monastery of Bangor.

Here is a list of all 17 posts with links.

1: The Legend of Altus the Centurion, Friday, November 19. 2010

2: The Temple of the Lord, Saturday, November 20. 2010

3: Hasidim-The Pious Ones, Tuesday, November 23. 2010

4: The Community of Righteousness, Thursday, November 25. 2010

5: The Wars of the Jews, Tuesday, November 30. 2010

6: The Destruction of the Temple, Wednesday, December 1. 2010

7: The True Vine of Egypt, Thursday, December 9. 2010

8: The Creed of Nicaea, Friday, December 10. 2010

9: St Patrick of Lecale, Saturday, December 11. 2010

10: The Bird of Heaven, Monday, December 13. 2010

11: The Valley of the Angels, Friday, December 17. 2010

12: The Teachers of the World, Wednesday, January 5. 2011

13: The Bangor Praise, Monday, January 10. 2011

14: Comgall of the Cruthin, Tuesday, January 11. 2011

15: The Cruthin Wars, Wednesday, January 12. 2011

16: Malachy of Armagh, Friday, January 14. 2011

17: The Last Abbot of Bangor, Tuesday, January 18. 2011

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