The Shire Reeve's Tale:43

9/11 Commemoration Ceremony

As High Sheriff of Belfast I have just attended a Commemoration ceremony at the City Hall, Belfast. The Lord Mayor spoke of the tragedy and US Consul General Kamala Lakhdir responded.

The choir then sang ” Bridge over Troubled Waters”.

There was a laying of flowers at the Commemorative Stone by the Lord Mayor and US Consul General.

A one minute's silence was held marking the precise time that American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Centre's North Tower(8:46 am EST).

We cut to one minute's silence by satelite television at Ground Zero in New York, attended by President and Mrs Obama and former President and Mrs George Bush jr.

Two PSNI pipers played a lament entitled “Waves of Remembrance 9/11”.

There was a live message from a New York Firefighter thanking the people of Belfast.

A letter from N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg was read.

A prayer for peace was read by the Lord Mayor's Chaplain, Rev Gary Donegan.

There was a poetry reading by the Trainor Twins, born at the time of the tragedy.

The choir ended the proceedings.

To be continued
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