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Action Cancer is a Northern Ireland cancer charity, established in 1973 by cancer specialist,my old teacher Dr George Edelstyn and supported by my friend Eddie Irvine. The founder’s vision for the future was that people in Northern Ireland would be free from the risk of cancer. At Action Cancer today the mission is to save lives and support people and we maintain a pioneering role in the development of cancer services.

Action Cancer works right across Northern Ireland providing:

  • Early detection services for the Northern Ireland community
  • Counselling and support services for cancer patients and their families
  • Cancer prevention
  • Health promotion

Each of us will know someone in our own circle of family or friends, whose life has been touched by cancer.  Cancer is set to become the biggest killer by 2015 with Northern Ireland suffering from one of the highest incidences of the disease, Action Cancer is committed to further developing it’s cancer prevention, detection ans support services. 

By donating money or your time as a volunteer you will help to save lives and people living with cancer in Northern Ireland. All the funds raised by Action Cancer are spent on services in Northern Ireland.


To view Action Cancers 28 fundraising groups across Northern Ireland Click here.

If you would like to help or become a member of a group please contact 028 9080 3343.


Click on the link for a list of Action Cancer Shops. Action Cancer Shops


Volunteers share a ‘gift relationship’ with us. The time and effort given by volunteers directly and indirectly help make a real difference to people who are affected by or living with cancer. The time contributed by volunteers enables us to extend and develop the quality and scope of our valuable services.
Click here to download an Volunteer Application Pack


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