Decade of Centenaries Exhibition: Belfast City Hall

British soldiers take cover behind beer casks during the Easter Rising
British soldiers take cover behind beer casks during the Easter Rising
Tonight, on the invitation of The Right Honourable,the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Alderman Gavin Robinson, I attended the launch of a new exhibition for the forthcoming decade of historic centenaries at Belfast City Hall.
I was accompanied by Liam Logan, Chairman of the Ullans Academy and there we met Sarah Lyons  and Jane Donaldson of Redhead, the Exhibition’s creators.

The anniversaries will commemorate 100 years since the signing of the Ulster Covenant, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the establishment of Northern Ireland.

The new interactive exhibition opened at Belfast’s City Hall on Monday.

It has adopted the theme ‘Shared History – Different Allegiances’.

It primarily focuses on key events that took place in the period between 1912 and 1914.

The exhibition explores the campaigns for and against Home Rule, the signing of the Ulster Covenant, the growth of the volunteer armies, gun running, the suffrage movement and the Gaelic revival.

Visitors will be able to sample life at the time through photographs, archive film footage and artefacts.

For those interested in learning about their own ancestors, the exhibition will offer the opportunity for people to check if family members were among those who signed the Ulster Covenant.

The exhibition will be on display until February next year. It is the first in a series of three exhibitions which will cover and be phased out by Belfast City Council between the years 1912-1922.

A full supporting programme of events including talks and specially-commissioned dramas will also take place between September and November.

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