Presidential Visit in Dublin: Part 1

Mrs Kennedy, myself, The Lord Bannside, Baroness Paisley, Mary Hanafin, John Kennedy


Today I accompanied The Lord Bannside and Baroness Paisley on a Presidential visit to Dublin. At Farmleigh this evening we had dinner with Ms Mary Hanavin, who as Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport in the previous Government of the Republic,  had accompanied us to the Ceremonies in France, the first Irish Minister to do so. Following this we had coffee with Niall Leinster of the Royal British Legion in the South, who has been with us regularly in France, and John Kennedy of the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, accompanied by his wife, Hitomi.

Myself, Mary Hanafin,The Lord Bannside, Baroness Paisley



The Lord Bannside, Niall Leinster, Baroness Paisley

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