Keith’s Hawaii 50

Tonight we attended the 50th Birthday Party of our great friends Keith Mallin and his  wife Sue.. As well as being stunningly beautiful and a vivacious mother of three, Sue is a wonderful cook and we were treated to vol-au-vents to die for. Keith is the manager of the Eddie Irvine financial empire, so, as well as the three Mallin children, Jack, James and Tom, the whole Irvine clan were there-Edmund and Kathleen, his parents and my oldest childhood friends, Maria Drummond and Zoe Irvine, Stephen and Diane NaylorPaul and Catherine O’Hare, the Jenkins Shipping magnates, Thomas Fegan, manager of EI SPORTS, the incomparable Joanne Mckimm and senior staff and friends. What a Party of Northern Ireland’s celebrity elite. And we ended off with a viewing of the exceptional satirical puppet movie Team America:World Police.






And then to London for a wonderful week-end with friends, including the lovely Mhairi Thomsett  and the gorgeous Gillian Shawcross at Cigala Spanish Restaurant..Cigala means Norwegian Lobster in Spanish..Sue loved the food and her favourite ribero del duro house red wine..Now we all know how the other half lives.


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