Jesus o Nazareth: Luke 11 v 14-25 – the Ullans

 Yinst, he wus castin oot a divil, an it wus dum. An it cum tae pass, whan the divil haed left him an the man startit tae taak, the fowk wur dumfoonert. But sum o thaim sayed, He casts oot divils throu the pooer o Beelzebub, the heidyin o the divils. But ithers tempted him bi axin him for a sign frae haiven,But he, kenin whut wus in thair mines, sayed,
Iverie kingdom divid agin itsel wull gae tae reck an ruin, an a hoose divid agin itsel wull faa doon.
Sae if Satan is divid agin hissel, hoo shall his kingdom stan? fur ye say that A cast oot divils throu Beelzebub.
An if bi Beelzebub A cast oot divils, bi whom dae yer ain fowk cast thaim oot? sae they wull be yer judges.
But if A, wi the fing’r o God, cast oot divils, nae doot the kingdom o God is here amang ye. Whaniver a strang man, wha’s well-airmed, gairds his palace, his belangins is safe:
But whaniver a  man stranger than he attacks him an gets the better o him,  he taks frae him aa the armour he lippens on, an the belangins is aa divid oot.
Him that’s no fir me is agin me an him that is no getherin wi me is scatterin.
Whan the ill spirit is gang oot o a man, he daunders throu the desert lukin fir rest; an findin nane, he says,”A’ll gae bak tae ma hoose whar A was leevin afore.”
An whan he gaes bak, he fins it swep and clain.
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