Jesus o Nazareth: Luke v 37- 45 – the Ullans

Dinnae judge an yis’ll no be judged: dinnae condemn, an yis’ll no be condemned: forgie an yis’ll be forgien: Gie an yis’ll be gien tae; guid misure, preesed doon, an shakin thegither an skailin ower, wull menfowk gie intae yer bosom. For wi the same misure that ye mete wiaa it wull be misured tae ye agane.

An he spauk a parable tae thaim,

Can the blin lead the blin? wull the’ no baith faa intae the sheuch? The follaer is no abain the maister, but whaniver he is weel lairnt, he wull be jist like the maister. An why dae ye see the skelf in yer brither’s ee, but dinnae see the plank in yer ain ee? Hoo can ye say tae yer brither,” Brither, let me pu the skelf oot o yer ee” whan ye yersel cannae see the plank in yer ain ee? Ye hippocrit, furst pu the plank oot o yer ain ee an then ye’ll be able tae see clearly tae pu oot the skelf that is in yer brither’s ee.

Fur a guid tree disnae gie rotten fruit, nor daes a rotten tree gie guid fruit. Ye ken iverie tree bi its ain fruit.Ye dinnae pick figs frae a thoarn bush. A guid man oot o the guidness o his hairt brings oot guid, an an evil man oot o the evil o his hairt brings oot evil. Fur whutiver his hairt is fu o, that’s what cums oot o his mooth.

An the Victims o Ulster sayed Amen.

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