Cork Studies in the Irish Revolution: Ireland and the First World War

Cork Studies in the Irish Revolution:

Ireland and the First World War:

‘in defence of right, of freedom, and of religion’? 

University College Cork

Friday 24th and Saturday 25th January 2014 

Friday 24th O’Rahilly Building (ORB) 212
9.10am Opening remarks                Gabriel Doherty, University College Cork 
  Session 1: Military


The Connaught Rangers and the Gallipoli Campaign                Damien Quinn, national university of Ireland, Galway


The Royal Dublin Fusiliers and the First World War                Tom Burke


Blackpool and the Gallipoli Campaign                Mark Cronin 


Coffee Break 













Session 2a: MediaORB 132 Session 2b: CultureORB 156
Reporting live from Ireland: coverage of the Great War in Irish newspapers                Catherine Thewissen, Université Catholique                de Louvain, Belgium A Changed Reception – O’Casey’s The Silver Tassie and McGuinness’s Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme compared                Conal Parr
The press in Westmeath and the Gallipoli campaign                Ian Kenneally, National University of Ireland,                Galway Ireland’s Memorial Records, 1914-1918: Engravings                Professor Marguerite Helmers,                University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  War poets                Colleen Watkins, University College Cork
   Recovering Lehmann James Oppenheimer and Eric Newton for the narrative of the Honan Chapel, Cork                James Cronin, Michael Holland                University College



12.40pm Lunch break 








Session 3a: Politics IORB 132 Session 3b: ReligionORB 156
The nationalist counter recruiting campaigns 1902-1914                Alan Drumm, University College Cork ‘This mischievous and misleading manifesto’ – Protestant nationalists and the conscription crisis                Conor Morrissey, Trinity College Dublin
The red shamrock: Ireland and international socialism during the First World War                Nicholas Stark, Florida State University The churches and the just war: a comparative evaluation                Andrew McGrath


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Session 4a: Politics IIORB 132 Session 4b: ConscriptionORB 156
‘Account yourselves as men not only in Ireland itself, but wherever the firing line extends’. Advancing the cause of Home Rule at the outset of World War One                Elaine Callinan, Trinity College Dublin The 1918 conscription crisis – a forgotten chapter                Dr Fiona Devoy McAuliffe,                University College Cork
‘Votes for women now! Damn your war!’ -The impact of the First World War on the Irish suffrage movement                Fionnuala Walsh, Trinity College Dublin The conscription crisis in county Galway                Dr Maria Rodriguez, Universitat Autònoma                of Barcelona
“From imperial periphery to national actorness: The internationalisation of the Irish and Polish causes during the First World War”                Jens Boysen  A declaration of war: parliament, the press and the 1918 Irish conscription crisis                Daniel Joesten, University of Utah


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Session 5a: LegacyORB 132 Session 5b: SocietyORB 156
The Committee on claims of British ex-servicemen and the Irish Free State Jason Myers, University of Denver Sport in a time of war: the Great War’s impact on the Gaelic Athletic Association, 1914-8 Dr Richard McElligott, University College Dublin
Ireland and the memory of Gallipoli: a comparative perspective Dr Jenny Macleod, University of Hull ‘Tell her gently’ – death and bereavement in Irish families in the First World  War         Tara Doyle, independent scholar
Ireland’s forgotten World War One landscapes Damian Shiels, University College Cork Irish academic experts in a world war  Tomas Irish
Commemorating the Great War in the Irish Free State: the politics of enmity                Emmanuel Destenay Did Ireland nearly starve during the First World War?  Ian Miller


6.15pm Dinner break


  Official conference OpeningBoole IV Lecture Theatre
7.45pm The approach of the UK and Ireland to the centenary of the First World War                Dr Andrew Murrison MP, Special representative of the British Prime Minister for the Centenary Commemoration of the First World WarThe First World War in European history  Professor Gary Sheffield, University of Wolverhampton


Saturday 25th

Boole I Lecture Theatre


Commemoration of the Great War in Ireland, the United Kingdom and beyond Dr Catherine Switzer, independent scholar



Coffee break



The Irish factor: Ireland and the diplomacy of war Dr Jerome aan de Wiel, University College Cork



Lunch Break



It’s a long way to Tipperary: Irish nationalism and the Great War          Dr James McConnel, Northumbria University 


Unionism and the war  Emeritus Professor D.G. Boyce, University of Swansea 


Coffee break 


The Irish soldier in action   Dr Myles Dungan, adjunct lecturer, University College Dublin 


Closing remarks  Gabriel Doherty, University College Cork


Conference organised by the School of History University College Cork, with generous assistance from the Research Fund, School of History, University College Cork, and the Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Please address any correspondence to: ‘1914 World War One conference’, School of History, University College Cork.

Conference web site

Organiser: Gabriel Doherty, School of History, University College Cork.

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