Greater Appalachia – New Pictavia – Cruthini Populi -The People of the Cruthin

This map shows the Appalachian Region divided into five subregions: northern, north central, central, south central, and southern Appalachia. For a list of county data by state, see the downloadable Excel file.

Courtesy of my friend Jesse Smith., who wrote to me saying, “Here are your Cruthin, Ian…..” He has also asked about Dalriada… I have renamed the Subregions for him based  on the ancient clans of the Cruthin in Scotland and Ireland….Northern Caledonia, North Central Dalriada, Central Dal Fiatach, South Central Dalaradia, and Southern Iveagh…..But I would also add Western Tennessee and Western Kentucky as Venniconia, which is now known as Donegal and west Tyrone.

To me the Ozark people have their own rich and distinct South Appalachian culture, and they and the Ouachitas Highlanders should be left as they are, but the Scots-Irish of north Louisiana and Texas east of San Antonio could well take the pre-Celtic name of the great Pictish clan the Taexali, which, after all, is close to the name of Texas itself.

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