Scotland’s Choice : Reshaping Relationships?

A One Day Conference

Venue: Queen’s University Belfast, Council Chamber

Date :  25 June 2014 

Organised by the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), and supported by the Political Studies Association (PSA ) Specialist Groups on Britishness and on Irish Politics. 

The Scottish Referendum of 18 September 2014 represents an important constitutional milestone in the history of the UK state and, more broadly, the Britsh Isles. The outcome will have profound significance for the various relationships spanning Britain and Ireland, perhaps in particular that of Scotland and Northern Ireland. This conference will explore both the historical background to these relationships, and the questions and challenges that either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ vote in the referendum might pose. The event will bring together contributors from the worlds of politics, journalism, the policy community and civil society as well as academia. 


9am     Tea/coffee

9.15     Welcome:  Dr. Cathy Gormley-Heenan (PSA) and Professor David Phinnemore (QUB)

9.30     Introductory Lecture: Prof. Graham Walker (QUB),  ‘Tangled Histories’

10.00   Lesley Riddoch (Columnist in The Scotsman and author of ‘Blossom: What Scotland Needs To Flourish’)

‘Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Independence Referendum: Will Life Ever Be the Same?’

Chair: Dr. Andrew Sanders (QUB)

11.00   Tea/coffee

11.15   Murdo Fraser (Member of the Scottish Parliament for Mid-Scotland and Fife)

‘A Federal Future for the UK?’

Chair: Prof. Graham Walker(QUB) 

12.15   Lunch. Food provided.

Conversation and debate will continue with live tweeting and links to the ‘Slugger O’Toole’ website. 

1.15   Andy Mycock (University of Huddersfield),  ‘The imminent death of ethnic Britishness? Culture, identity and the post-British state(s)’

Catherine McGlynn (University of Huddersfield) and Murray Leith (University of the West of Scotland),  ‘Reading from the same script: The DUP and the SNP in comparative analysis’

Chair: Andrew Charles (QUB) 

2.30   Andre Lecours (University of Ottawa),  ‘Nationalism and self-determination referendums: Scotland/UK, Quebec/Canada, Catalonia/Spain’

Chair and Discussant: Elodie Fabre (QUB) 

3.30  Tea/coffee 

3.45   Panel  Discussion: ‘Possible Futures’, featuring contributions from Danny Kinahan (MLA), Paul Gillespie (Irish Times), John Coakley (QUB), and John Dallat (MLA)

Chair: Dr. Margaret O’Callaghan (QUB) 

4.45 Closing Remarks 


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