The Shankill Soldier

Mummy can you hear me
I’m lying here all alone
In this foreign country
So many miles from home
I can see your gentle face
Tears shining in your eyes
When you left me at the station
And we said our last goodbyes
My life is flashing here before me
I know my end is near
And running down my cheek
I can taste a salty tear
I can see our little house
Just off the Shankill Road
And all my friends I played with
With them I won’t grow old
I can see my neighbours
Standing with their cups of tea
Some of my wee neighbours
Were always good to me
And I can see sweet Maggie
She lived two doors away
My dream was for to fall in love
And marry her some day
And I can see my Father
A gentle man was he
When he came home from the ship yard
He would rock me on his knee
Forgive me mum for leaving you
I know I’ve broke your heart
But I’m fighting for my country
I had to do my part
Just remember mummy
What you taught me way back then
When our time on earth is over
We shall meet up once again
So mummy I’ll be waiting
At Heaven’s open door
And when the good Lord calls you
We shall never part no more
Mummy I have to go now
I’m in a lot of pain
I’m waiting on my Saviour
Calling out my name
I hope they take my body home
To that wee place of my Birth
Then I can rest forever
In my good old Ulster earth
Marlene Osmond

Sorry for disturbing you Ian , a friend wrote this poem and I thought you might enjoy it , I personally think it’s amazing…Rab Lavery 
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