Chairman’s Report….Dalaradia Field Trip….Day 3

# E  With our weekend drawing to a close we proceeded to our last event , a visit to the award winning St Mungo Museum  in Glasgow, named of course after the patron saint of the city . Of particular interest was the current exhibition ” In Honours Cause ” which celebrates Glasgow’s memorials to the Great War, which touched a thread with our group who have taken part in several memorial events in 2014 relating to the centenary of the outbreak of World War One , as well as attending the inauguration of The Sword Of Sacrifice Memorial in Glasnevin Cemetery , Dublin .
The museum is dedicated to images and icons of Religious Life and helped us reflect on the religious and political conflict which has only recently diminished in our own country of Northern Ireland . There are also displays on age , death and the afterlife as well as religious beliefs of pre Christians , Celts , Catholics , Protestants , Jews and Muslims.
After a question and answer session in the cafe we again had a unique moment when we met Museum Supervisor , Brian Reid, who graciously accepted our donation from Dr Ian Adamson OBE , of copies  of  the Old Testament in Scots . As noted previously this is the first ever translation of the Old Testament into Plain Scots Language using a standardised grammar !
It did feel strange for our Ulster group to be presenting a Scottish Bible to a Scottish Museum in Scots ! but we hope it fits well with the Museum’s theme of Religious images and icons . We have opened a channel of communication with the Museum and will be happy to provide further copies on request , this concluded our field trip Scotland , we certainly discussed and learned a lot and felt it was time well spent .
St Mungo Museum Of Religious Life , 2 Castle Street , Glasgow      0141 2761625
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