Genesis: Chaipter Yin….The Ullans Academy Version

9 An God sayed, Lat the watters unner the heiven come thegither, an lat the dry laund be seen: an sae’t wus.

10 An God gien the dry laund the name o Yird; an the watters thegither wus cried Seas: an God seen that it wus guid.

11 An God sayed, Lat gress breird on the yird, an plants giein seed, an fruit-trees beirin fruit, that their seed is in, efter their kin: an sae’t wus.

12 An gress breirdit on the yird, an ilka plant giein seed o its kin, an ilka tree beirin fruit, that its seed is in, o its kin: an God seen that it wus guid.

13 An the war forenicht an the war forenuin, the thurd day.


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