The Widows Mite

The Widows Mite is a Victim Support Organisation founded in Londonderry in May 1981. It was the dignified and spontaneous reaction from the living victims of terrorism against the propaganda which glorifies terrorism as a war between so called peace loving freedom fighters and nameless and faceless security forces of a so called British Army of occupation and the locally based upholders of law and order, the RUC, RUC Reserve and the Ulster Defence Regiment.

The aim of the organisation was to expose the vicious so called freedom fighters on both sides of the political and sectarian divide as part of a terrorist threat to strike at the fabric of a civilised and peaceful society.

The rootless causes of organisations such as the IRA, were given unwarranted legitimacy by the world's communications media, either naively, unwittingly, or because of uninformed or biased views that the IRA were justified in their belief that the only just freedom must be one that comes out of the barrel of a gun.

Widows Mite makes no apologies for using the same techniques to show the world that the members of our security forces were their husbands, sons. daughters, brothers or sisters – that they too had homes, and loved ones, who wanted to live in peace in Northern Ireland .

Those in the Army, RUC or UDR sacrificed life and limb for the same country that the IRA arrogantly deemed to be theirs and theirs alone. Their sacrifices may have seemed small in the eyes of the rest of the world and have all but been forgotten, even in their own country. For those widows and families who have been left behind however, their sacrifice and courage have never been forgotten, nor should be, while their murders are celebrated and glorified by one section of this community.

The Widow's Mite emblem, a gold shaped disc in the form of the ancient Biblical Widow's Mite was dedicated at a service in St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast on Sunday, 5th July 1981.

It was fashioned from the wedding ring worn by the late UDR Staff Sergeant Dave Deacon, kidnapped and murdered by the IRA while he was off duty. It was willingly gifted by his widow Sylvia and laid in St Martin in the Fields as a permanent memorial to those who sacrificed their lives in the service of Northern Ireland .

As their names and their sacrifice fade into history while their killers and those who ordered or orchestrated their deaths appear to have gained authority and respectability for their crimes, the time has come again for those living victims who remain, and there are many, to again take the lead in reminding everyone of the sacrifice made by so many for the peace and security of our country.

It is for that reason that Widow's Mite is embarking on another programme of publicity, with the same dignity as before, to honour those who made the true sacrifice and to ensure that their memory is perpetuated in the country that owes them a debt of gratitude and to a world that should be told the true stories.

They are calling on our support for those members of the forces of law and order who gave their lives, in fact, as as quoted in the Biblical story, “gave all the living that they had”.

They have now had another gold mite made, the Northern Ireland Mite, and this will be dedicated in St Columb's Cathedral in Londonderry on Sunday 19th April at 4.00pm. and they would ask for your support and attendance at the service.

At the same time, and available after the Service, they will have replicas of the mite available so that they can be worn, with pride, in memory of all those who made the sacrifice for our country. All profits will be used for victims and victims groups around the country.

Their ultimate intention is to make as public as possible the atrocities committed againist our people that have been overshadowed by the Republican propaganda campaign. They would like to see the same consideration given to Bloody Friday, La Mon, Shankill, Enniskillen, Omagh, Claudy, Darkly, and Kingsmills that has been given to Bloody Sunday and historical investigations made, not only to republican casualties of the conflict.

Our people deserve no less. For we are a risen people . And Liberation is our song.

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