Joint Unionist Centenary Committee

Unionist Clubs on Donegall Square North

Unionist Clubs in Donegall Square North, Belfast, marching to demonstration at Balmoral, 9 April 1912

The Unionist Centenary Committee, the continuation of the Grand Unionist Centenary Committee I formed in November, 2009, has now linked with The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast to establish the Joint Unionist Centenary  Committee and have issued the following invitation:

1912  Joint Unionist Centenary Committee 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the Joint Unionist Centenary Committee I am writing to invite you to our Outreach event which is being held as part of the Balmoral Review in Ormeau Park, Belfast on Friday the 18th May 2012 at 19.00.

The purpose of the Outreach event is to explain to the wider community what we are doing and why.  We believe by doing this we will play our part in giving people a better understanding of the Home Rule Crises from a Unionist Perspective which we hope in some way will reduce any tensions there may be as we as a community commence a decade of centenaries.

The organisers are committed to the four principles which oversee centenary events.

As stated the event will commence at 19.00 with some musical entertainment followed by a presentation, Q&A, a finger buffet and again some music representing our community.

If you need any information or assistance in getting to the event let me know.

Please note that parking will be on the embankment itself.  If you make yourself known to the Event Sec staff at the entrance to the Ozone they will direct you to the correct marquee. 

If you need assistance in anyway to get to the event just let us know particularly if you are disabled as parking is limited.

The Joint Unionist Centenary Committee looks forward to welcoming you to our event, the first in a “decade of centenaries”.

 Stephen Gough

On the other hand, The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland will be the main players for Ulster Day, commemorating the Centenary of the Signing of the Ulster Covenant in September,1912.

Would you sign a new Ulster Covenant on Ulster Day 2012

The Stormont estate will host the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland’s Covenant centenary parade. It is understood to be the first time in living memory that the estate will have hosted a formal Orange event.

The parade will involve a march from Belfast city centre to a rally at Stormont.

In total, 237,368 men signed the covenant at Belfast City Hall, while 234,046 women signed a parallel declaration of their opposition to Home Rule.

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