Debretts: Dr Ian Adamson, OBE

Dr Ian Adamson, OBE’s Biography

(Samuel) Ian Gamble
OBE (1998)
Dr Ian Adamson, OBE
oil painting, theatre, travel

Dr Ian Adamson, OBE’s Professional Career

doctor; registrar in paediatrics: Royal Belfast Hosp for Sick Children 1974-76, Ulster Hosp Dundonald 1976-77; specialist in community child health and travel med N and W Belfast HSS Tst 1981-2004; memb (UUP) Belfast City Cncl 1989-2011, Lord Mayor of Belfast 1996-97; MLA (UUP) Belfast E 1998-2003; personal physician and advsr on history and culture to Rt Hon Dr Ian Paisley, MLA (First Min of NI 2007-08),now The Lord Bannside; pres Belfast Civic Tst 2001; chm Farset Youth and Community Devpt 1988-90; fndr chm: Somme Assoc 1989-, Ulster-Scots Language Soc 1992-2002 (vice-pres 2002-08); fndr pres Ullans Acad 1992-, fndr rector Ulster-Scots Acad 1994 (chm 1994-2004); fndr memb: Cultural Traditions Gp NI CRC 1988, Ultach Tst 1990;C,chm: Health and Environment Services Ctee Belfast City Cncl 2010-11; memb: Ulster-Scots Agency 2003-2011, Ulster-Scots Acad Implementation Gp 2005-, Faculty of Community Health (MFCH), Bd Assoc of Port Health Authorities 2005- (chm Border Inspection Ctee 2005-06, chm: Imported Foods and Feeds Ctee 2006-11), High Sheriff Belfast 2011; chm: The Posse Comitatus 2011- fndr memb Ulster Soc 1985-; FRIPH; holds Wisdom-Keeper status among Lakota (Sioux) nation; OStJ 1998

Dr Ian Adamson, OBE’s Publications

Books and Publications
The Cruthin (1974, 5 edn 1995), Bangor: light of the world (1979, 2 edn 1987), The Battle of Moira (1980), The Identity of Ulster (1982, 4 edn 1995), The Ulster People (1991), 1690: William and the Boyne (1995), Dalaradia: kingdom of the Cruthin (1998, 2 edn 2003), Stormont: The House on the Hill (2008), Bombs on Belfast (2011) 
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