The Queen- A Modern Monarch


A Modern Monarch

Throughout this Jubilee year, Debrett’s are paying tribute to the Queen and her extraordinary 60 years on the British throne, dedicating a special Jubilee section to the Queen on their website. They have chosen to look at the many faces of the Queen – stateswoman, public figure, matriarch, animal-lover, style icon  – and have illustrated the  multiple roles she has been called on to fulfil. 

During her long reign the Queen has witnessed the advent of a new egalitarianism in British society and the end of the age of deference. Subjected to unprecedented media attention, she has continued to do her job with indefatigable dedication and good humour, opening up and revitalising a traditionalist and hidebound institution. She is, truly, a modern monarch.


Flying the Flag…

This bank holiday weekend is the culmination of many months of celebration and commemoration. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have already undertaken a series of visits within the UK, travelling to the north and south-west of England, Wales and north and south London.

The Jubilee weekend provides a resounding climax to the celebrations, with the River Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, a concert at Buckingham Palace, a Service of Thanksgiving and the lighting of the Jubliee beacons.

This is a major event in the life of the country, and everyone is invited to celebrate. Communities across the land are encouraged to participate in the Big Jubilee Lunch scheme, organising events that range from street parties to picnics in the park.

Debrett’s have compiled a comprehensive overview of all these events on our Diamond Jubilee website.

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