The Meaning of Jazz and The Henry Girls


The Henry Girls – The Fox Hunt

Today I returned to the Hedge School to hear Gordon Lucy give his excellent talk on the Titanic, presented my books again at the Literary Corner and spoke of the meaning of Jazz. I also talked about the influence of our greatest Singer-Songwriter and Musician Van Morrison.

I think that the name Jazz originated from the Cakewalk dance in the Southern States of America.The Cakewalk dance was developed from a “Prize Walk” performed by African-American people in the days of slavery, generally at get-togethers on plantations, and originated as a parody of the formal ballroom dancing preferred of white slave owners, including satirical exaggerations of European dance moves. The best dancer literally “took the Cake” or prize that night and was the Chaise Beau or man in the winner’s chair. In the French Creole language of New Orleans, Louisiana, this would become Jazz Bo.

 I was then invited to go backstage with my friend Sofina Ziu and Gillian Pearson of the Ulster-Scots Agency to meet the Henry Girls, who were performing with The Fox Hunt.

Karen:  Vocals, fiddle, piano, banjo, ukulele
Lorna:  Vocals, accordion, piano, bodhrán, tin whistle
Joleen:  Harp, vocals, piano, mandolin

John:  Guitar, upright bass, vocals
Darrin:  Guitar, banjo, upright bass, vocals
Matt:  Mandolin, banjo, vocals
Ben: Fiddle, banjo, guitar, vocals

The Henry Girls Bio Page

The Fox Hunt Bio Page

The Henry Girls are fast becoming one of the most talked about folk/roots acts to come out of Ireland in many years.  Hailing from the picturesque village of Malin in the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal, the Henry Girls were a breakout hit at last year’s festival.  Renowned for their fine close harmonies and musical arrangements, the Henry Girls teamed up with The Fox Hunt for a great show of Irish and Old Time music.

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