Tim and Jane on the Last Day: Milwaukie Irish Fest


Yesterday was the Last Day of the Milwaukie Irish Fest and I am on my way home.. It rained heavily as I stood with Tim Campbell and Jane Anderson of the Friends of St Patrick’s Young Ambassador Programme. I said a Lakota Prayer and it immediately thundered.. The Lakota would say that the Wakinyan Oyate Kin –the Thunder Being People- were speaking to me.

This is the Lakota Prayer…On reflection the angry response I received from Wakan Tanka was that it was out of context and that I was speaking Lakota in the enemy territory of the Potawatomi.. Anyway he/she did eventually ease the rain and send the Rainbow to tell us that all was welL…


Ho Tunkasila Wakan Tanka
Oyate oyasin unsiwicalapo na owicakiyapo
Nahan waci wicasi na waci winyan wopila tanka
Nahan oyate oyasin canku luta ognamani owicakiyapo
Lecel wacin ho hecel lena, oyate kin nipi kte.
Mitakuye Oyasin

Wasicu (English)

Grandfather Great Spirit
Have pity on and help all the People
Many Thanks for the Performers, male and female,
Help all the People to walk the Red Road of Peace
This I ask so that the People will prosper
You are all my relatives

Photo: Last day of Milwaukee Irish Fest



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