Jesus o Nazareth: Luke 6 v 17-26 – the Ullans

An he cum doon frae the moontin wi thaim an stud on the flet apen grun, an aa his follaers an a hale crood o fowks oot o Judea, an Jerusalem, an frae alang the shores o Tyre an Sidon, cum tae hear him an be cured o thair ailments. An thae yins vext sair wi ill spirits wus aa cured. An the hale crood o fowks wantit tae touch him acause  a pooer o guid wus cumin oot o him an curin thaim aa. An he cast his een on his follaers, an sayed,

Blissit be the puir, for yers is the kingdom o God

Blissit ir youse that hung’r noo, for ye wull get yer fill,

Blissit ir youse that’s greetin noo: for ye wull lach.

Blissit ir youse whan fowk hate ye, or gie ye the coul shoother, an ball yis oot or blekin yer name on the Sinn o Man’s accoont.

Be richt gled on that day an leap for joy:for ye hae a pooerfu reward in haiven; for thair faithers daen the same tae the prophets.

But sorra on youse weel-aff fowk! for ye hae got aa ye ir gettin.

Sorra on youse that’s fu noo. for yis wull be hung’rie.

Sorra on youse that ir lachin, for yis wull be greetin an sorrafu.

Sorra on yis when aa fowk spakes weel o ye, for thair faithers daen the same wi the fause prophets.

An the Victims o Ulster sayed Amen 

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