Jesus o Nazareth: Luke 6 v 27-36 – the Ullans

But A’m sayin tae youse that’s listenin, Love yer enemies, dae guid tae them that hates ye. Bliss thaim that curses ye, an pray for thaim that wushes ye ill wull. An if a bodie gies ye a slap on the cheek, turn the ither yin tae him as weel. An if a bodie taks awa yer tap-coat, dinnae forbid thaim tae tak yer jecket forbye. If oniebodie axes for ocht, gie it tae thaim, an dinnae be lukin it abak. An jist dae tae ithers whut yis wud want them tae dae tae yersels. 

An if yis onlie love thaim as loves yersels, whut thenk hae ye? for sinners love the yins that love thaim. An if yis dae guid tae them as dae guid tae yersels, whut thenk hae ye? for sinners dae jist the same. An if ye len tae thaim as yis ir hopin tae get it bak frae, whut thenk hae ye?, for sinners len tae sinners, tae get bak the same agane. But love yer enemies, dae guid an len, no hopin tae get oniethin bak; an yis wull hae great reward an wull be childer o the Maist High, for he is kine tae the ungratefu an the wickit. Syne be ye merciefu, jist as yer Faither is merciefu….

An the Victims o Ulster said Amen

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